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  • Contract research

    We provide contract research by facilitating joint cooperation between industrial entrepreneurs and scientific researchers.
    Such partnerships can consist of one business partner or can be a multilateral consortium. Each research cooperation will be tuned to the specific requirement of the inventor, invention / technology / partner.
    Contract research
  • Registration of trademarks

    Record trademarks with the help of experts of the Nazarbayev University. Become full owner of your personal brand and the sole owner of the name, logo, trademark or slogan.
    Trademark Registration will allow you to protect your business from dishonest plagiarism.
    In addition to inventions and utility models, you can always register unique aspects of the invention: devices, methods, substances (chemical or molecular compounds), compositions (compositions and mixtures).
    Registration of trademarks
  • Services of analytical laboratories

    Analytical laboratories of the Nazarbayev University have modern technical equipment of leading world manufacturers, such as: Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Metrohm etc.
    Laboratory provision of the Nazarbayev University is fully consistent with the modern world standards and allows performing the most complex studies in the field of analysis of the physical and chemical properties of substances.
    Laboratory services:
    - Chromatography;
    - X-ray fluorescent;
    - IR spectroscopy;
    - Laser diffraction;
    - Porosimetry;
    - Elemental analysis;
    - Thermogravimetry.
    Accelerate the development phase of your projects! Use wide possibilities of analytical laboratories of the Nazarbayev University.
    Services of analytical laboratories
  • Organization of events

    Do you need to hold an event, but you cannot find furnished and fully equipped meeting rooms?
    Use the services of the organization of your ‘turnkey’ event.
    Astana Business Campus offers services for the organization of events in first-class equipped rooms for all interested people.
    In multi-function room for seminars and trainings you can find:
    - Training class 65 sq.min area;
    - 13 working Internet-connected computers (basic characteristics: Corei7-2600@3.4GHz, 16GBRAM, 1Gbit Ethernet port, Windows 8);
    - Display Samsung 55 '' Touchscreen Overlay for SMART Signage;
    - 2 projectors with high brightness lamps;
    - Meeting table for 14 people;
    - Flipcharts.
    Organization of events
  • Services of research and experimental workshop

    Do you need to produce a prototype or custom and exclusive item of plastic and metalquickly? Use the services of research and experimental workshop, which provides a wide range of equipment for your specific needs.
    More than 900 m2 with unique units of machinery, mechanical and processing equipment will allow creating an accurate model of your product and avoiding inaccuracies and errors. The workshop offers the following services:
    - turning and milling processing of materials;
    - various types of welding works (argon arc welding, arc welding, semi-automatic welding);
    - production of blanks for further finish machining or manufacture of constructions;
    - modeling and manufacture of prototypes (including - on 3D printer);
    - structural assembly, including large structures.
    Services of research and experimental workshop
  • Patent search and researches

    Do you want to learn more about the competitiveness of your development, about existing analogs, or get information on the latest development trends in your industry?
    Use the services of a patent search and research by qualified professionals of the Nazarbayev University - the Eurasian patent attorneys.
    Patent search and researches