Water-lithium batteries

Project : Water-lithium batteries

A new type of lithium-ion batteries - high capacity, environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery with aqueous electrolyte. The battery will be an excellent alternative to lithium-ion batteries with toxic and explosive organic electrolyte, which are widely used nowadays.
Minimize the risks from the use of commercial lithium batteries as well as heavy processes associated with its safe disposal. In addition to reliability, water-lithium battery has a long life and allows you to save on the cost of storage. This will allow expanding ways of applying of renewable energy, significantly minimizing costs and use only eco-friendly transport.


    KZ patent. Application for a patent under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) is processed by coming into the US national phase. The invention is used as a laboratory prototype.


    Rechargeable batteries for vehicles, power storage systems, etc.


    Negotiations on the establishment of a pilot batch of products based on technology developed in the Nazarbayev University were held with domestic industrial enterprises for the production of batteries (Kynar, ZHERSU Power).