Solar water pumping system

Project : Solar water pumping system

Today, many Kazakhstani farmers use diesel generators for lifting of water. It causes irreparable damage to the ecology of the country. In addition, there is the problem of rational use of territories: only 30% of pasture is used for livestock grazing due to lack of available technology of water pumping from wells. In order to solve these problems, there is a simple and effective solution: the dissemination and popularization of new technologies of water pumping using solar energy.
Affordable and easy to use solar water pumping system will help to resolve the issues of the area irrigation and will improve working and living conditions for farmers. Solar water pumping systemcan be easily assembled and disassembled depending on the tasks.


    KZ patent, prototype (2 models)


    Farming enterprises


    Application for participation in the contest for introduction of innovations in the agricultural sector has been filed.