Interactive advertising

Project : Interactive advertising

The latest development with high commercial potential is an interactive showcase. Interactive showcase is a multimedia screen, which is controlled by gestures and can recognize the movement, voice and facial gestures of the person.
This innovation can be an indispensable tool in advertising, which will attract a large number of active users and will carry a message about the product in an interactive way. The dimensions and functionality of showcase allow using it not only as an advertising medium, but also as a multilingual city guide, navigator or interactive catalog.


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    Advertising agencies.


    Services are provided in the framework of agreements with the company Success By: interactive showcase is designed with information about all the services of e-government, provided for different age groups of the population, and with the game ‘Kazakh Khanate’ as part of an advertising campaign for the brand ‘Lipton’. Currently we are looking for new promising areas (projects) for the promotion of this technology in Kazakhstan.